Owl’s Nest: Expect the Unexpected at the UK’s #1 Biker Café

Something to shout about!

As you read this you may get a slight inkling at how overwhelmed we are to have Owl’s Nest, the UK’s number one ranked biker cafe, on our doorstep. Let’s just repeat that, we have the number one biker cafe in the UK, in Llandovery.

*O.K deep breaths* but it’s not just us, that’s pretty incredible right? It’s called the Owl’s Nest, it’s wonderful and it’s places like this that are why we are so enamoured with our little spot in the wilderness. The variety and quality available locally will never cease to amaze us.

We’ve calmed down… a little, so we’ll use that as an excuse to tell you how the Owl’s Nest received its acclaim. The UK Biker Cafes’ app and website has over 42,000 members, so if you’re a biker careering the country, it’s probably the best resource to find that perfect spot to stretch your legs and grab a bite. Each year they hold a poll and out of 1300 venues listed, the Owl’s Nest was voted Top of the Stops.

Why the Owl’s Nest is #1

Being the number one means the Owl’s Nest has some mighty big leathers to fill (see what we did there?) but what is it that make this unassuming cafe on the outskirts of our little town so special?

To the untrained eye, the Owls Nest might look like any other biker cafe. Pulling off of Lower Road you’d be unsurprised to see the array of motorbikes rested in the spacious carpark. Not to mention the burley customers, in their leathers, relaxing beneath the canopies on the patio.

Some might not be surprised by the gargantuan portions being heaved to hungry patrons, although we certainly were. We’d argue few would be expecting how cheap the leaning tower of burgers are, expertly balanced on the plate like a western Italian tourist destination. Now we know you’re thinking: ‘price and portions alone don’t make you number one’ and you’re probably right.

To see why the Owl’s Nest is truly the best, you have to lift up the visor a little and peer beyond its rugged exterior.

Let’s begin with the menu. Did we mention the portions? As you’d expect the Owl’s Nest provides your staples: teas, coffees, burgers; sandwiches; full breakfasts; salads, but don’t ask for chips, not unless you fancy a friendly ribbing from the ever cheerful owner, Ian.

What surprises most visitors is the vegan and gluten free range on offer; Keto friendly dishes; oat milk raspberry matcha lattes; an extensive range of herbal teas; locally sourced drinks and syrups for your coffee. On that subject all we’ll say is Welsh Honey Butter Hot Chocolate… you can thank us later.

Why would a biker cafe need such range?

When you see the Owl’s Nest staff greeting the customers by name, knowing their orders and bike models, not to mention the genuine interest with which they welcome newcomers, their diverse menu starts to make sense. They love people. All people. Everyone is made to feel instantly at home in the Owl’s Nest. Yet it goes far beyond service with a smile.

The Owl’s Nest are active allies to the LGBTQIA+ community, and count the British Gay Motorcycle Club as some of their most valued customers. They also avidly support charitable causes, and over the years have forged strong links with the Mental Health Motorbike, Wales Round Ribbon and Welsh Air Ambulance charities.

In fact, on the first Sunday of every month, the Owl’s Nest host a Mental Health Hub, attended by a fully trained mental heath first aider, from Mental Health Motorbike Charity. Male suicide rates are at an all time high and in what is often perceived as a masculine arena, with emotions unlikely to be on the forefront of conversation, Ian recognised the need to provide a safe environment for his friends and customers. By teaming up with the Mental Health Motorbike Charity, Ian hopes to foster meaningful opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the motorbike community.

Upcoming Events

After helping raise over £10,000 for Blood Bikes Wales in 2023, Owl’s Nest will once again be one of the stops supporting Wales Round Ribbon Charity. This year’s event takes place on the 7th of April and Ian believes this time around, they can help raise closer to £15,000 for Wales Air Ambulance. Bikers from across the U.K have registered to ride the picturesque circular route, where they need to collect stamps from participating venues throughout Wales. They must return to their starting venue and have at least six stamps to receive a coveted ribbon award. More information can be found via the Owl’s Nest Facebook page.

We could go on but we’re sure you’re going to want to check out Owl’s Nest for yourself. Let us at Charcoal Hut extend our congratulations to all at the Owl’s Nest for becoming the number one biker cafe in the UK, it’s an incredible achievement.  But you’re much more than that. You’re a place of friendship where everybody is welcomed, championed and protected.

And just one more time in case you missed it… the portions!!!

4 thoughts on “Owl’s Nest: Expect the Unexpected at the UK’s #1 Biker Café”

  1. The owls nest is ‘the’ place to visit in wales, beautiful scenery, spotless facilities !! Friendly staff, lots of visitors, very reasonable prices, and the portions… HUGE portions🤯🤯🤯🤯!! Vegan and gluten free on the menu ! Lots of choice for everyone,,, oh and the cakes are fabulously delicious 🤤🤤🤤

  2. Daniel Howells

    All well deserved praise, the owner has been a champion of the community and been instrumental in preparing for the Wales round ribbon on fb, all for charity and has brought together tens of thousands of bikers and some great friendships have started here. He does it all faultlessly and without any need for recognition, a true inspiration. A must stop for any journey to Wales u won’t leave disappointed

  3. Wendy Rowberry

    The Owls Nest is my absolute favourite. If we could pick it up and take it anywhere we are going, we would. Ian is an absolute star and the “owlets” (his staff) are incred8ble. He thoroughly deserves No 1.

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